1. Nicole

    I know one day my daughter will have all these same feelings, she may now….. well Now that I think about it she dose. She’s been asking me about her being able to walk one day and what not…so I know she must have feelings about the way her body is, and the things she can or cannot do. to add more things to the list, she was just diagnosed with type one diabetes.
    As her mom I get so tired of people starting at her. It’s as if they don’t think we can see them starting. I try not to say anything ,if I see someone doing it. because I can tell it make my her uncomfortable. B
    I feel like I can kind of relate to you, on how you feel like sometimes your holding your boyfriend back(I don’t think you are though) but anyways. My daughter is getting bigger and there’s just something’s that I can’t do with her anymore. Like take her in a bounce house anymore. Her and I use to go in all the time, but she’s just to big for me now. I feel horrible every time she asks to go in and I have to say no. She’ll just tell me mom it’s fine, I want to go jump. She doesn’t understand why we can’t go in anymore. So o feel like I’m the one holding her back. I keep telling my self, if I work out more everything will be ok. I’ll still be able to help my ever growing child be a kid. But the reality is, that ls not true.

  2. Erin

    You just described my whole life, with the exception of the “At least you’re beautiful” part. Anyway, I am so happy a friend introduced me to this blog, I think I’m finally going to get some answers.

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