Welcome to Cerebral Palsy Strong! 

My name is Katy Fetters & I started CPstrong in order to sustain my existence in the online space long after TeenCP fell behind as I entered into adulthood. Most importantly, I want to have a place where I can share stories about myself, others, and our experiences of life [in our 20’s] with cerebral palsy. I believe this blog should go beyond myself and my own understanding of cerebral palsy to educate all of us about ~all things CP~

My goal is, and always will be to speak up. To remember that I have a voice when I feel small [and that YOU do too!] Moreover, to remind myself and others who have ever felt less than that these stories are important and are meant to be told.

Since 2009, as both active and passive participant in the online disability community I have come to understand that NO MATTER WHAT, we as humans go through times when we need to be empowered–and so it is with this blog that I aim to encourage others to be bold and unafraid to write about what truths & realizations CP has brought them.

Ultimately, I strive to be #CPstrong. Now I don’t want to be mistaken; my philosophy behind #CPstrong isn’t “oh tough it out, just get over it” mentality. And that goes for anything in life, not just regarding CP and the body’s limitations. My understanding of strength stems from my own cultivation of thoughts & feelings about my own subjectivity as a woman with cerebral palsy, and how others have treated me throughout my life however good or bad. I believe that strength comes from knowing weakness, injustice, doubt and failure. These are the things that establish strength, confidence, and the power of one.

So #CPstrong is my motivation, it is my personal truth and I like to throw it out there whenever I see a story, photo or piece that represents this sense of “overcoming” or self realization. It makes me feel good and empowered and I hope it helps you feel like you belong, that you too are #CPstrong!


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