1. Alex Laxson

    hello, my name is Alex Laxson, I have mild spastic cerebral palsy, (it seems to affect my left side more) and I am training to have a body like Bruce Lee, Bobby Pandour, etc etc, I am having a lot of trouble building up muscle on my left arm, I am using old time strongmen methods except I am not seeing any growth beyond a certain point and no growth in my left arm, if you were to compare my right and left biceps, my right one has grown and my left one has not, I am also trying to increase my balance and speed if you could help me out there, I would appreciate any help you could give, thank you and I await your reply

  2. Oliver Whitehead

    Hey Alex,
    I myself have mild spastic hemiplegia;
    i think i have several pieces of information that may be of use to you with regards to balance, dealing with muscle imbalances as well as with regards to speed as from 8-19 i played rugby league and union; now lacrosse and basketball .

    firstly, in regards to balance as well as ridding yourself of muscle imbalances; calisthenics is one of the only ways which built up my left side to be equal to my right- my left arm used to be for 20 years at 20-30 degree angle due to spasticity; however after a year and half of trying calisthenics alongside dosing with cbd oil for near same amount of time- my arm became completely straight; the imbalances are gone because in calisthenics gains are proportional, gravity and each exercise trains the body and brain how each muscle group should interact with one another- i trained powerlifting, cardio and ,machines from 16-18; though i still had imbalances on the side effected by my CP.

    swimming and resistance bike training 3/4 times a week is stellar for cardio vascular endurance; which assists greatly with associated fatigue that comes with cp let alone training with cp.

    for calisthenics, jump up to bar and do negative sets 4-5 sets 5-6 reps then, dead man hangs for long as you can, leg raises, ab trucks(2-3 sets each) then try increasing pull up and chin over time; you may be able to do one or maybe even just half at first; i myself only could do 3/4 of a pull up when i started now im able to execute with perfect form 10-12 variations of pull &chin up respectively along with 4 statics, 15 push up and all walking variations( pull up, back lever, front lever) along with deadlifting 95kg for 8-10 reps 4-5 sets at 64 kg which is 20 kilos more than when i was simply powerlifting, using free weights and machines at 12 kilos less bodyweight so calisthenics, especially weighted calisthenics has increased my strength to weight ratio , endurance and body control when compared to how i initially got into training .

    ive found training light heavy light; increases muscle growth; so that might be of use to reducing imbalance over time; also front squat is great for tightness in hip for mobility and flexibility.

    Pea and hemp powder protein are great for consist gains as they have 82 g per 100 and 52 grams per hundred with every single amino acid in; the plusin stuff off bodybuilding.com is pretty cheap and best quality on BCCA product on market; used a lot of em over past 6/7 years lol.

    remember for muscle growth; metabolic stress, time under tension and eccentric overload are three variables can use to optimise lean muscle mass gains on each effected limb.

    if have any questions or would like me to put together a workout plan to assist you in progressing with callisthenics or any part of your training; please let me know as id be willing to provide one w/o charge as id love to wherever possible use my experiences with training and being a competitive athlete to assist those with my own condition to improve their quality of lives and build a strong of a body as humanly possible- building a strong functional body as im sure you’ll likely agree is the ultimate fuck you to cerebral palsy.
    warm regards
    nuff respect
    Oliver Whitehead

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