ce·re·bral pal·sy 


I could provide my own definition, but why not bring you the most accurate, most developed information I could find instead?

(If you do want to talk CP, feel free to email me. I figure most of you visiting this site either have CP or know someone who does– so you are already more educated than most!)

I give you,  Cerebral Palsy Alliance, an Australian based organization for kids, young adults & families of and for those with CP. While there are a myriad of other orgs & individuals who I greatly respect and who do a fantastic job of elaborating on the diverse experience of cerebral palsy, for now I will keep it simple with one strong source.

“The mission of About Cerebral Palsy is to provide up-to-date, evidence-based and reliable information to assist people with cerebral palsy, their families and clinicians to understand cerebral palsy and to make informed decisions about interventions and therapies. About Cerebral Palsy is written by fully qualified health professionals, in consultation with people with cerebral palsy and their families.”

I feel like they do an amazing job with their website & its ease-of-use; but more importantly to me, they include ALL age groups of those who live with CP and that is why I am connecting you directly to their “About Cerebral Palsy” page. In case you are here and don’t actually know a don’t know a single thing about cerebral palsy, you can be well informed by one of my favorite resources.

Having a disability is not easy, our bodies are constantly questioned & looked upon in the public–but I truly believe that the more vocal we learn to become about what cerebral palsy is in our own experiences, the less people will tease, question, fear & worry. I will always foster understanding over ignorance & fear. I hope you’ll join me.

cerebral palsy is as diverse as the terms that describe it