I’ve got some big news for you all…

Are you ready?

Here is your official invitation to our first ever CP Social!

WHO: You! + your host, Katy Fetters & all #CPSTRONG!

WHAT: A community-building event for young adults with cerebral palsy

WHEN: Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 4-8PM with meet-ups throughout the weekend.

WHERE: Mama’s on 39 in Huntington Beach, CA 

WHY: Because we can! This event is intended to build upon our existing social media presence (@cerebralpalsystrong) for the purpose of community building and social networking. The event will function as the first-of-its kind celebratory meeting place where those who identify with this group will gather to connect in person but also to workshop topics and address issues that are important to our community. We will host an informal panel of speakers to discuss relevant topics, Q & A sessions, give time to entertainment, relationship building, food & drink, and more. Ultimately, the goal is to offer events like these all over the country throughout the year. My hope is that this event will facilitate a launching off point for CPstrong into a more publicly accessible, network-building “location.”

HOW: The registration page is live here. You’ll need to register with me there so I can ensure we have enough space to host all who wish to come. Admission is free donations are encouraged. All funds raised will go toward the cost of the event: space rental, food & drink, furnishings, AV/IT, local transportation to venue, etc… any support you could provide is sincerely appreciated, I need your help to make this event a success. Thank you!

DONATE: PayPal Money Pool

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WHAT ELSE? I am probably forgetting something important but I couldn’t delay this announcement any longer! March will be here before we know it so I hope you can join us for an amazing experience. Lastly, I understand Southern California is a far trip for many of you, but it is the place I call home and have many local connections to. I will work on putting together a list of resources for local airbnbs and things like that to help make this trip more possible for those traveling. If you can fly out for the weekend, I promise to do my best to make it worth your while! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me with the subject line, CP Social Question to katyfetters@gmail.com

This page will be updated weekly, so check back often!

To read more about my why for hosting this event, please click here.